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Let Hunter Laser Vision open your eyes to a better quality of life.

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Our Ophthalmic Surgeons and staff are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art laser eye surgery procedures in a professional, efficient and caring environment.

A range of conditions can be treated at Hunter Laser Vision, including Myopia (short sight),Hypermetropia (long sight), Astigmatism and Presbyopia (near vision loss).

Our experienced specialist Ophthalmic Surgeons and staff are devoted to advising you on the best way to gain visual freedom, and in many cases, glasses and contact lenses will become a thing of the past. We invite you to experience the difference in complete laser eye care.

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Hunter Laser Vision Procedures


We offer a wide range of eye procedures at Hunter Laser Vision which are all subject to suitability.   Our ophthalmic surgeons will determine whether or not surgery is an option and if so, which will be most beneficial.

Hunter Laser Vision have specialised in Laser Eye Surgery for over 18 years.  LASIK (laser insitu keratomilieusis) is a laser ablation under a hinged flap of corneal tissue. LASIK is used to correct myopia and hypermetropia together with associated astigmatism.

Ultraviolet corneal crosslinking is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat progressive Keratoconus.

PRK is a laser ablation on the corneal surface. PRK is used to correct lower amounts of myopia and hypermetropia with associated astigmatism and can be a safe alternative for patients who are unsuitable for LASIK Eye Surgery.

Kerarings are also used to treat Keratoconus. The procedure involves inserting clear, semi circular rings in the periphery of the cornea to improve its shape.

At Hunter Laser Vision we offer two types laser refractive surgery – LASIK and PRK.  Both procedures are safe and highly effective.

Eye Conditions Treated By Laser Surgery

Myopic patients experience vision that is clear for close objects, but blurred in the distance. This is caused by a cornea which is too steep for the length of the eye, causing light rays to focus in front of the retina.

Hypermetropic patients may see distant objects reasonably clearly, but have increasing difficulty with near objects. Conversely to myopia, this occurs due to a cornea which is relatively flat, causing light to focus behind the retina.

Astigmatism causes blurred vision at all distances. This is caused by an “egg” shaped cornea, where light rays are focused both behind and in front of the retina.

Presbyopic patients experience a decline in their ability to focus on near objects, due to a natural loss of elasticity of the lens. It is a common age-related condition, which is usually first noticed with reading deterioration or reliance on reading glasses, regardless of distance clarity.

Which eye laser surgery is right for you?


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Frequently asked questions

What procedure options are available?

Hunter Laser Vision offers a multitude of laser refractive procedures ranging from LASIK to TRANS PRK. For a comprehensive list of available procedures click HERE.

What is the age range for laser refractive surgery?

The minimum age for laser refractive surgery is approx 18 years of age. This ensures stability of refractive prescription.

Do you offer same day surgery?

Yes. If you are interested in booking same day surgery please click HERE for more information. Or contact us on 1800 44 2020 to discuss possible options.

How long does a consultation last?

Our consultations only run on certain days between 7:30am and 12 noon and last for approximately two hours. For more information click HERE.

Will I need time off of work?

Depending on the type of surgery you require, we recommend taking between 3 and 5 days off to recover. this depends on the procedure performed.