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Why Go Local?

30 January 2015

With so many factors to consider in choosing an eye laser correction centre, the choices can be overwhelming. One factor that tends to be forgotten but plays a very important role in your care both before and after surgery is the location of your centre. At Hunter Laser Vision, there is no need to make the long drive to Sydney for your consultation and then return again some time later for your surgery. The latest technology is available locally, from highly experienced surgeons who live and work in the Hunter Region. This allows for greater convenience and efficient time management for all those that lead a busy life!

It’s Not Just You, It’s Your Driver Too!
Having surgery does mean time out of your busy schedule. But choosing a local centre can minimize the inconvenience and downtime for yourself as well your driver.

Another Convenient Local Factor
Hunter Laser Vision offers the opportunity for patients to have their consultation in the morning, and if deemed suitable, the patient has the option of same day surgery, which is performed at the same location. In comparison, those travelling to Sydney may have to first find their assessment centre and then return some time later to a different location for surgery.

Post Operative Care
At Hunter Laser Vision, we believe that your post operative care is just as important as your surgery. We see patients for six to twelve months following their treatment. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know your surgeon is available to you during your post operative visits and that a long drive into a busy city is not necessary?

Keep it local
The staff at Hunter Laser Vision live and work in the community and place a high importance on supporting their local community. Where possible, we buy products from local companies. We also support many Hunter Region based charities.

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