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When is the best time to have treatment?

4 December 2015



Work is coming to an end for the year, and Christmas is almost upon us, but before you can go to your last day of the year you’ve realized that you’ve misplaced your glasses, and now you’re going to be half an hour later as you search the house from top to bottom.

Driving to work gives you the time to think about something that’s been on your mind all year long – ‘when is the right time to have laser surgery, and put away the glasses for the New Year?’ It’s also the easiest New Year’s resolution to keep once you’ve actually made it, and it doesn’t require as much time – or patience – as the one when you agree to floss every day for a year!


Most importantly though, these are the best times to have LASIK surgery and take your eye sight to entirely new levels:


  • When there’s a change in your eye-based patterns

Maybe your new reading glasses just aren’t what you imagined they’d be like when you tried them on in the store, or your contact lenses just aren’t sitting as comfortably as they were a year ago – you’ve been considering getting new ones for the past two months now. Or maybe even just the fact that you don’t want to explain to work once again that you were late because you had misplaced those glasses for the third time this month.

Once you get to this stage, and you know that you’re no longer in love with the glasses and contact lenses that are a big part of your life, why not change it up? The laser vision correction is an option that can mean you put the glasses away and never have to think about them before work again – a little correction can mean a big change in your daily routine.


  • For summer

Just like preparing your ‘beach body’ for the summer days spent in the water and lounging around, it pays off to prepare your eyes for the long Christmas months that will see you come out the other side with a tan.

Contact lenses, and glasses, don’t mix with the beach however, and laser eye surgery can take away the stress and pain of having to deal with those things when it comes time to slap on the sunscreen and get in the water.

If this is something that has crossed your mind as you’re driving down to the beach, or climbing into your pool, it may be a good idea to get an assessment on your eyes, and see if you never have to have those worries in summer again.


  • When your eyes become stable

There comes a point in your life – normally around your mid to late twenties – that your eyes begin to settle down and simply don’t change for the next ten to twenty years. This is by far the best time to have an assessment in regards to whether you want to undergo the surgery – the process can be set in stone for the rest of your life, and adjustments don’t have to take aging eyes into account when they perform the LASIK.

This time might even mean that the surgery can be undertaken the same week or month that you want to test your eyes, and you could have the whole situation over and done with before you’ve even really thought about the excitement of improving your eyesight. If your corneas are thick enough – and healthy enough – to undergo the LASIK, then why wait, and that leads to…


  • As soon as possible!

The most common saying after LASIK surgery, once the full effects of the improvements are known to the patient, is simply “I can’t believe I didn’t get this done sooner!” Just like planting a tree, the best time to have the surgery was twenty years ago – the second best time is right now.

Whether it be nervousness in regards to the operation, or just the fact that they are still not sure, patients will always be happy once they’ve taken the leap into their new world of corrected vision, and if you don’t at least consider the possibility now then you may find yourself in ten or twenty years, undergoing the same surgery and asking why you didn’t dive head first into the chance when it came up decades before.

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