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How long will the consultation take?

Please allow up to 2 hours for your initial consultation as there are many tests to be performed.

Will I need to bring a driver to my assessment?

Yes, you will need a driver on your initial + surgical assessment as we will be dilating your eyes.
Dilating drops can take 1-6 hours to wear off.

How long before I can drive?

It is different for each procedure. If you are having LASIK surgery then we recommend at least waiting two days before driving. If you are having PRK surgery then we advise you not to drive for 1 week.

Will I be given medication prior to the surgery?

Yes, you will be given oral sedation prior to surgery.

Will I be awake for the procedure?

Yes, you will be conscious but relaxed during the procedure.

Will I feel anything during the procedure?

No, you not feel anything during the procedure. This is due to the Local Anaesthetic eye drops we administer prior to the surgery.

How long does the surgery take?

The surgery itself takes less than 10 seconds. However, you will be in the theatre rooms for
around 10-20 minutes per eye.

How long will I be under the laser?

Just a few minutes for most of the procedures.

Do I need to go to hospital?

No not for any laser refractive surgery.

Do I fast prior to surgery?

No we suggest you eat before coming to theatre as you will be here for up to two hours. Oral medication cannot be given on an empty stomach.

Can I use my drops or other medication on the day of surgery?

Please check that your drops are fine to use at your initial consultation. All other medication is fine to take for laser refractive.

How long will I need off work?

For most procedure we suggest you have the remaining business week off work. However, this will be subject to the kind of work you do.

Is parking available at the surgery?

Yes, we have parking onsite.

Can both eyes be done on the same day?

Yes for Lasik and PRK this can be the case but for some of the more invasive procedures, we usually do this 1 eye at a time. Please consult with your surgeon for further details.

Will I be able to see immediately after surgery?

Each person’s recovery is different. It also depends on the procedure you have had. For the majority of patients their vision is clear after surgery however, it can take up to 6 weeks to gain full vision.

Am I able to see my Optometrists for post-operative appointments?

Yes, however, we advise you to come back for you 1-day post-operative to see your surgeon. From there we can provide a co-management plan for your optometrists which has all the recommended post-operative appointments and your post-operative eye drop regime.

I had refractive surgery 10 years ago, will I be eligible to have it again?

Yes, the surgery can be done again however, we will need you to come back and see our optometrists for a consultation so we can re-test you.

How long will I need to wear the clear shield for?

You will need to keep it on for the first 24 hours. We then recommend you wear your shield to sleep until you come in for your contact lens removal.

Will my private health cover the procedure?

Generally, your health find does not cover the procedure as it is a cosmetic procedure and is not classified as essential. However, there are some health funds who will cover most of the procedure. (Please ask our friendly staff for further information regarding this).

Do you offer payment options?

Hunter Laser Vision does not offer payment plans/options. However, we have two payment options available which are GEM Visa and Medipay.
(Please ask our friendly staff for further information regarding this).

Can I fly/travel overseas after surgery?

It is advised that you remain close to your surgeon until your 2-week post =-operative check. When flying please remember to use your eye drops.

How long before I can go to the gym?

We suggest at least one week off from the gym.

How long before I can go for a swim?

We suggest at least one week before swimming is allowed.

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