Day of surgery

For those who have already had an initial consultation and are proceeding with surgery at a later date, you will be notified the week prior to your surgery date of a time to arrive to our rooms and will be walked through any other important details regarding the surgery.

If you are proceeding with same day surgery, you will be given a time following your initial consultation in which to return back to our rooms.

Upon your arrival our qualified and professional nurses will medicate you and walk through our processes to ease any discomfort before the surgery.

Laser Refractive Surgery is a short procedure and you will be with us for approximately 2 hours from arrival to recovery. Following the procedure, we will provide you with medication and walk through any details about follow up care to ensure a fluent recovery. You will be encouraged to go straight home to rest and we advise for you to take a week off to recover from the surgery. Following surgery you may experience some discomfort, however prescribed medication will assist with this.