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Due to the variety of treatments we offer at Hunter Laser Vision, it is difficult to provide a set cost. Prices can range anywhere between $2650 – $6000. We understand that cost can be an important factor in significant decisions such as laser surgery. This is why we offer a range of payment options.

Costs can vary depending on other factors such as whether you are able to pay up front, finance, type of surgery required and whether one or two eyes require treatment. Costs will be discussed in more detail once patients have been deemed suitable by the doctor.

Medicare Rebate

If you have been referred by a specialist for a therapeutic treatment there is a Medicare rebate attached and these are priced differently. We also encourage patients to check with their private health insurance providers, as some levels of cover may offer a partial rebate.

Initial Consultation Cost

An initial consultation with a specialist surgeon to establish suitability will cost $290. With a current referral from a GP or optometrist, Medicare will rebate $73.85 of this amount.

The initial consultation will enable us to tell you what surgical treatment is required and what the exact cost of your treatment will be. Without this consultation, we cannot tell you what the exact cost of your procedure will be. Laser refractive treatment costs include initial eye drops, oral medications and post operative care at our centre.

If you have any other questions about cost or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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