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Keratoconus | Article | Winter 2016

8 July 2016

In the past few months Hunter Laser Vision has committed to broadening their reach when it comes to keratoconus, both in raising awareness for the condition and acting to help those that are afflicted by it.

Keratoconus Australia

The first of these steps that Hunter Laser Vision undertook was the launch of a new website under the title Keratoconus Australia. This website serves as a central point where information about keratoconus can be found, and is designed as a resource that will allow those that are seeking more news and information to find it all in one place.

The website is also designed to help those that are diagnosed with keratoconus to better understand treatment options and provide them with an increased understanding of their condition – something that has been lacking in the Australian community for some time now.

As well as launching the website, Keratoconus Australia partnered with other bodies and media representatives that were pushing to raise keratoconus awareness in Australia. There are plans to promote more charity drives to fund research and development of cures and responses to the ailment.

Optometrist Seminar

Outside of the public awareness of keratoconus, Hunter Laser Vision also spent the past few months developing ways that they could increase the knowledge of optometrists and those that would first see the signs of the developing condition.

Dr. Ravi Singh, a director at Hunter Laser Vision and the head Ophthalmology at John Hunter Hospital, recently delivered two seminars focused on keratoconus and Keraring research. Optometrists attend from the Hunter region and from as far as Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and the Central Coast.

A total of 57, including Hunter Laser Vision staff, attended the workshops – held on the 26th June and the 24th May. Optometrists received 9 CPD points for their attendance and participation, and gained valuable information on keratoconus and how they can proceed in working with Hunter Laser Vision to help those affected.

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