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Men’s Health Week

18 June 2015

This week (15th– 21st of June) is Men’s Health week, and what better time to start looking at not only your general wellbeing but also your eye health!

Men’s Health Week is aimed to prompt all Australians to reflect on the “state of male health and wellbeing in their own regions” (Men’s Health Australia, 2015).

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, men’s attitudes towards their health as well as health services is quite different to those of women. This is due to both biological and gender factors which can often lead to poorer lifestyle choices and reckless behaviour. While this is not the case in every situation, it is still extremely important to stress the significance of making healthier decisions to the men of Australia.

At Hunter Laser Vision we are lucky to have a team of three fantastic ophthalmic surgeons who are dedicated to bringing not only the best results to our laser refractive patients, but also to those who are experiencing difficulties with their eye health across the Hunter and mid north coast region.

A lot of eye related problems can be prevented if detected early, therefore making sure you are maintaining regular visits with a GP optometrist every 2 years as well as living a healthy lifestyle to ensure the health of your eyes is optimal!

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