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Four Foods to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

1 June 2016

There is no doubt that including fruits and vegetables in your diet is a great way to stay healthy, and that also includes health benefits for your eyes. A diet low in fat and high in fruit and vegetable intake, as well as whole grains, can improve the arteries in your eyes that work on oxygen, as well as provide nutrients to your entire system, and keeping those arteries healthy will help your eyes stay healthy and disease-free.

There are four major foods that are great for your diet, and especially your eyes, and if you can include them in your diet you may never have to worry about the health of your eyes again!

These foods are:

• Kale – While kale makes the list, it can be basically any leafy green vegetables in this place. High in lutein and zeaxanthin, kale can use these nutrients to lower risk of age-related macular degeneration, as well as cataracts. As was mentioned however, kale doesn’t have to be the leafy green that supplements your diet, and we know that not everyone actually enjoys kale. Spinach, romaine, lettuce, collards or turnips also have enough lutein and zeaxanthin to keep you healthy, as well as eggs, broccoli, peas and corn.

• Salmon – Salmon is the meat with the most omega-3 fatty acids, like many other cold-water fish. Other options for this include tuna, sardines and halibut, and all have a great effect of reducing later-age eye disease. A study in 2010 also showed that age-related macular degeneration is less likely to develop if your diet is filled with omega-3 fatty acids.

• Oranges – Just like all foods on this list, oranges aren’t the only citrus fruit that you can consume – lemons, tangerines and even grapefruit all have high levels of vitamin C, and the antioxidant in these fruits will be sure to keep your eyes healthy. High levels of Vitamin C can also delay cataracts, and make sure that age-related macular degeneration develops later on in your life. If citrus fruit isn’t your favourite meal however, with peaches, red peppers, tomatoes and strawberries all

• Black-eyed peas – The final food on this list is a legume, which contains zinc. Zinc is vital to eye health, and protects your retinas from the damaging effects of bright lights. Other options outside of black-eyed peas include kidney beans, lima beans and peanuts, as well as oysters, lean red meats, poultry and fortified cereals.

Outside of this list, any great foods are good for your eyes in a diet. Carrots are high in beta-carotene (wonder where it got that name from) as well as sweet potatoes, apricots and cantaloupes.

A colourful diet, from green kale and lettuce, to pink salmon and sardines, across to citrus yellows and carotene orange, means that you’ll be healthy for a lot longer in life, and eating colours means seeing colours!

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