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Eight amazing facts about your eyes

24 March 2016

The eye is the gateway to the rest of the world, with your ability to see meaning that you can witness incredible sights, and amazing events. But did you know that your eye is stronger than a standard camera?

Read on and find out eight amazing facts about the part of your body that let you read this article!


  1. Blinking – Humans spend an average of 10% of their waking life actually blinking, which means that if you’re awake for sixteen hours a day, you’re actually missing an hour and a half of vision. Even more if you spend your afternoon having a nap or siesta!
  2. Camera power – If the human eye was a camera that you could point and click with, it would have around 576 megapixels. To put it in persepective, a standard camera that you can buy at the shop has 24.2 megapixels, and an iPhone 6’s camera has only 8. Your eye would produce the best photo you have ever seen.
  3. Gaming – Lots of people say that gaming for too long is bad for your eyes, but for those that suffer from lazy eyes, Tetris proved to be a game-changer. The exercise that it gives your eyes strengthened them and meant that they were eventually put on the road to curing their ailment.
  4. Sneezes – It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. An automatic reaction means that when you sneeze, you have to close your eyes – it’s all part of the bodily process that tenses those muscles.
  5. Night Vision – Night vision googles are designed to be green because it’s the easiest colour for human eyes to differentiate, and is the easiest to split from the other colours – and then you can see everything at night!
  6. Green eyes – Despite the above fact, most humans barely ever see green eyes, and so don’t need to differentiate them – only 2% of people have green eyes, making it the rarest eye colour of all.
  7. Topsy-turvy – Just like people think of Australia as being upside down, really the eye sees everything upside before it processes as well. The image that you’re seeing has been re-flipped by the brain so that it can see exactly what is going on properly.
  8. The Land of Grey – Even though there are a massive amount of colours, shades also dominate the spectrum. The human eye can see almost 50,000 different shades of grey, making it the most diverse shade or colour that we can see.

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