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Director’s Spotlight | Column | Winter 2016

8 July 2016

Many people desire relief from dependence on their glasses.  Depending on your age, and other factors relating to your eyes, the solution will vary from either a laser procedure or a lens based procedure.  The choice of surgery is something that is made after discussion and largely tailored to your individual needs.  It is possible to relieve peoples’ dependence on glasses in almost all cases and the usual reason for not being able to do so would be a pre-existing eye disease.

Often patients who are entering their 40’s and 50’s still have good vision for distance but start to require reading glasses.  There are options also to treat this condition (presbyopia) and we find in our practice that this is often not completely appreciated in the community.

No matter what your age, work and lifestyle requirements determining the best treatment plan for reducing the dependence on glasses requires careful examination.  At Hunter Laser Vision we pride ourselves on being able to provide a very honest and clear assessment for patients and in cases where we do not think an improvement can be made, we make this clear to all of our patients. 

If you or you know someone who would like to be assessed for a refractive surgical consultation, then this can done by contacting us at Hunter Laser Vision.


Dr. Ravi Singh,

Hunter Laser Vision Director

MBBS (Syd), FRANZCO, Head Ophthalmologist

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