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Dangers of Overseas Surgeries

10 April 2015


In recent years there has been a trend for Australians to travel overseas to have surgeries at a cheaper or reduced cost. RANZCO (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists) have recently warned of the dangers that are linked to seeking cheap and convenient eye surgery overseas and the real effects it can have on patients.

While it may seem like a more luxurious option to go overseas, lounge around by the pool, have surgery and continue holidaying, this is not always the case. Thousands of Australians have jumped on board the medical tourism band wagon and jetted overseas to go ahead with medical procedures that are available in Australia, some to their detriment.

RANZCO is warning those that are planning on travelling overseas to reconsider their options. Not only is it risky to mix a holiday with surgery (especially when post- operative appointments and proper recovery procedures are vital to the healing process), unfortunately there can often be huge differences in standards used within operating theatres. Your vision is vital, and having surgery in Australia means that you are taking advantage of the extensive training programme that ophthalmologists are required to undergo as well as surgical facilities and technology that abide by Australian standards.

The president of RANZCO, Dr Bradley Horsburgh said:

“Firstly, combining a medical operation with a holiday is potentially dangerous as there may not be the continuity of care needed. You can’t undergo an operation and then decide a day’s rest is appropriate before you start exercising or travelling again…A person heading overseas may not be aware of what treatment is involved, nor be aware of the training of the surgeons or if infection- control levels are appropriate…Additionally, those without private health insurance may be exposed to very expensive bills if an adverse situation occurs.”

At Hunter Laser Vision we consider a patient’s visual outcome our major priority and take after care very seriously. Closely monitoring a patient’s visual recovery the following weeks after surgery is extremely important. In the event of a complication having your surgeon and facility close by is reassuring.

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