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18 July 2015


Have you ever considered Laser Vision Correction as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses?  Dr Joe Davis, Dr Tim Ruddell and Dr Ravi Singh are leading Ophthalmologists and Directors of Newcastle’s only Laser Vision Centre. 

How important is it for potential patients to be educated about Laser Vision Correction?

Very important, this is why Hunter Laser Vision holds free educational information seminars regularly. Hunter Laser Vision have been educating the community about the possibilities of treatment and present their results throughout NSW about this possible lifestyle choice. 

How long has Hunter Laser Vision been performing Laser Vision Correction in Newcastle?

We have been operating at The Junction, Newcastle for 18 years.  Situated in the heart of the Hunter Valley we treat people from as far as Sydney in the South, Lismore in the north and right across western NSW. Our practice is the referral centre of choice for the Department of Defense, Williamtown, having treated many fighter pilots over the past 18 years. HLV is also the centre of preference for the many Doctors and health professionals from our local region. 

Who contemplates Laser Vision Correction?

We see people who have become intolerant or frustrated with their glasses or contact lenses and are looking for an alternative. Even if you are not contemplating this surgery in the immediate future, education through a consultation is helpful in the decision making process. Our patients are aged from 18 -80 years old. 

How do I know if I am suitable for Laser Vision Correction?

People who wear glasses or contact lenses to see well most of the time may be suitable. If your distance vision is either poor or not as good as you think it could be, a consultation will confirm your suitability. At this consultation we will also educate you about the pros and cons. 

What can you tell us about your Laser?

We have a SCHWIND AMARIS flying spot laser designed in Germany, Europe. This laser has many significant features available for review on our website. It is our 3rd SCHWIND laser and we were the first in Australia to treat patients with this technology. Many other practices have reviewed our results and have followed us by purchasing this Laser technology (6 last count). We believe it’s the best in the business giving us predictable results. This Laser has moved us into the next generation of Customised Laser Treatments.

 Have any of your staff had Laser Vision Correction?

Yes, many of our staff have benefited from this treatment and are happy to share their experience with others at seminars and consultations.

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