More than 2.5 billion people live with uncorrected poor vision, and 95 percent of them live in countries where eye care is difficult to obtain or practically non-existent. They can’t go to an eye doctor’s office and get eye exams with up-to-date instruments. They can’t get eyewear. With uncorrected vision, they can’t learn in school or work to support their families.

So Essilor, an overseas French eye health company, has launched the See Change Challenge, an initiative to find low-cost, easy-to-use, scalable software, hardware, or other solutions to enable more people to be easily trained to become eye care workers in less developed areas.

The Challenge is open to anyone, including app developers, universities, vision scientists, engineers, startup organizations and optometrists. Essilor will potentially support the final winners with development contracts to help them build and scale up their solution.

To enter into this competition, visit the See Change Challenge website, and then submit your entry by the closing date, with winners of the event announced at the beginning of 2017.