_MG_6558Welcome to Hunter Laser Vision’s Winter 2016 newsletter. As the winter months stretch out, Hunter Laser Vision invites you to settle down with a cup of hot tea, avoid the freezing weather and read about some of the great changes that have happened in the business in the past three months, including a brand new treatment in the clinic.

This new treatment, SmartSurfACE, has been well received at Hunter Laser Vision, and is already having an impact on healing times and results.

We have also continued our drive to improve awareness and support for Keratoconus around Australia, and through new websites, newsletters, pamphlets and seminars we feel we are well on the way to educating the community on the importance of early diagnosis.

Hunter Laser Vision also turned its attention to Jul-Eye, an annual campaign that urges people to have regular eye check-ups and to remember that health eyes are just as important as healthy bodies.

The business also assisted local Newcastle celebrity Marc Glanville in raising money for the Stars of Newcastle’s Dance for Cancer, and MG did a fabulous job of raising $33,000 for Cancer Council, with all funds raised staying the Hunter.

As the wind picks up and the cold sets in, we hope that you stay warm and have a lovely winter, from myself and all the fabulous staff at Hunter Laser Vision.


Sue Quadrelli,

Hunter Laser Vision Business Manager