Peter Capaldi will be a guest on tomorrow’s edition of The Graham Norton Show.

Capaldi will join actors Denzel Washington and Gemma Arterton on the sofa for a chat.

In an interview preview Capaldi says how much he still loves the role: “It’s an amazing, wonderful gift and a privilege. I love being Doctor Who. I wake up in the morning and I’m Doctor Who, and when I go out to the shops and buy a pint of milk, I’m Doctor Who, everywhere I go I am the Doctor and everyone smiles at me – they are pleased to see Doctor Who, who’s far more exciting than I am!”

“The day after I was announced as The Doctor, I went to buy a light bulb in an old hardware store – like the one in the [Two Ronnies] ‘Four Candles’ sketch – and a bloke came out from behind the counter with a sink plunger stuck to his head!”

Catch the full interview Friday 26 September at 10.35pm on BBC1.