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Announcing SmartSurfACE

8 April 2016

Hunter laser are pleased to announce SmartSurfACE will now be utilised on all treatments performed at Hunter Laser Vision. All of our Refractive treatments, PRK, TRANS PRK and LASIK will have this amazing technology incorporated at no extra cost to the patient as part of their standard Laser treatment.

During the operation, the laser polishes the cornea as it is performing the refractive correction. The epithelial remodelling is also much quicker in these operations. Visual Acuity recovers significantly faster than when SmartSurfACE is not used. In addition, higher early postoperative Visual Acuity has been observed. In fact, immediately after treatment Visual Acuity was comparable to results after Femto LASIK.

Faster regeneration of the epithelium, has been reported by about a day, along with lower postoperative pain, although this is usually easily managed well with appropriate medication if experienced.

The SCHWIND Laser Company developed this innovative feature to accelerate visual acuity recovery after treatment. The starting point was the recognition that a smoother cornea has a positive effect on vision, particularly during the first few days after treatment. SmartSurfACE optimizes the smoothness of the corneal surface with patients experiencing a real ‘wow effect’ when they notice how well they can see immediately after surgery. 

Don’t hesitate to call Hunter Laser Vision on 1800-44-20-20 to find out about SmartSurfACE and the options for you.

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