Our Team

The Hunter Laser Vision team of Ophthalmic Surgeons have been performing laser eye surgery for thousands of people in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle Region since opening our doors in 1998.

Our Ophthalmic Surgeons and staff are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art laser eye surgery procedures in a professional, efficient and caring environment. Our ultimate goal is to help patients enjoy a realistic outcome.

A range of conditions can be treated at Hunter Laser Vision, including:
Myopia (shortsightedness), Hypermetropia (longsightednes), Astigmatism and Presbyopia (near vision loss).Our experienced specialist Ophthalmic Surgeons and staff are devoted to advising you on the best way to gain visual freedom, and in many cases, glasses and contact lenses will become a thing of the past.

We invite you to experience the difference in our complete laser eye care.

Let Hunter Laser Vision open your eyes to a better quality of life.